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The 5th International Coference CPOTE 2018 will be held in Gliwice, the city where Professor Szargut was working for more than 70 years. Gliwice is a medium-size city in Poland’s most industrialized region of Upper Silesia. The city bears historic heritage of Bohemia, Austria, Prussia and Poland and its inhabitants represent a creative blend of hard-working native Silesians and the Polish intelligentsia resettled from Lwów, a former Polish multinational city, which is currently known as the Ukrainian Lviv. Currently, Gliwice hosts an extensive economic zone of 4 km2 for large business development, and in the area of Silesian University of Technology there is a Technopark providing incentives for small start-up companies.

The region of Upper Silesia provides one of the World’s richest heritage of industrial traditions which can be found along the tourist Route of Industrial Monuments, such as the Historic Silver Mine, which will be visited within the Conference Social Programme.

The conference sessions will be held in the modern building of CEK (Centrum Edukacyjno-Kongresowe) located in the University area.

About Gliwice

We invite you to read the information about the city of Gliwice.

City guide clik here (languages: Polish, English and German).