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Book of abstracts

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Abstract title
CPOTE2020-1027-A Natural gas liquefaction coupled with pressure reduction in the natural gas transmission system
CPOTE2020-1029-A The effects of hydrothermal carbonization operating parameters on the high-value hydrochar derived from beet pulp
CPOTE2020-1031-A Mining energy consumption as a function of ore grade decline. The case of lead and zinc
CPOTE2020-1032-A Evaluation of component interactions in heat pumps on the base of advanced exergetic analysis
CPOTE2020-1033-A Effect of operation under lean conditions on NOx emissions and fuel consumption fueling a SI engine with hydrous ethanol–gasoline blends enhanced with synthesis gas
CPOTE2020-1034-A Characterization and treatment of solid wastes by thermal plasma
CPOTE2020-1039-A Hydrogen energy storage – exergy-based analysis of the charging process
CPOTE2020-1040-A Passive cooling through the atmospheric window for vehicle temperature control
CPOTE2020-1041-A Engineering thermodynamics and sustainability
CPOTE2020-1042-A Analysis of the integrated system of electrolysis and methanation units for the production of synthetic natural gas (SNG)
CPOTE2020-1044-A Hydrothermal co-carbonization of sewage sludge and fuel additives: combustion performance of hydrochar
CPOTE2020-1045-A Determination of optimal exergetic performances for an organic Rankine cycle with zeotropic mixtures using multi-objective approach
CPOTE2020-1046-A The impact of wall and roof material on the summer thermal performance of building in a temperate climate
CPOTE2020-1047-A Multiphase analysis of hydrochars from anaerobic digestion of municipal solid waste organic fraction
CPOTE2020-1048-A Identifying the potential market for supercritical CO2 power cycles
CPOTE2020-1050-A Advanced exergy-based optimization applied to a polygeneration system using CO2 as working fluid
CPOTE2020-1052-A Numerical investigation of biomass fast pyrolysis in a free fall reactor
CPOTE2020-1053-A SrO-Al2O3 composites for thermochemical energy storage: carbonation kinetics
CPOTE2020-1055-A Numerical analysis of the catalyst distribution optimization in a steam reforming reactor using genetic algorithm
CPOTE2020-1056-A Investigation of the influence of the selected parameters on Tesla turbine characteristics
CPOTE2020-1059-A Challenges of the energy job market: intercultural competencies as main requirement for the future experts
CPOTE2020-1060-A On mechanism of lignin decomposition – investigation using microscale techniques: Py-GC-MS, Py-FT-IR and TGA
CPOTE2020-1061-A A critical review of exergy based cost accounting approaches
CPOTE2020-1062-A Flow boiling in minigaps and minichannel multiports - visualizational studies
CPOTE2020-1064-A Separation of water from liquid by-products of the agricultural digestate HTC
CPOTE2020-1066-A Performance analysis based on experimental data of backpressure steam turbine for cogeneration in saturated steam applications
CPOTE2020-1071-A Multi-objective dynamic integration of a solar thermal system in the agro-industry processes: Methodology and case study
CPOTE2020-1073-A Cavitating flow over the hydrofoil in the presence of air
CPOTE2020-1075-A Potential business cases for CSP in the MENA region: Egypt as a case study
CPOTE2020-1079-A Thermal exergy storages: a comparative analysis
CPOTE2020-1082-A Parametric computional fluid dynamics analysis of the influence of rotor shape geometry on the performance of a savonius wind turbine
CPOTE2020-1084-A Prediction of cost-efficient measures to improve energy access for populations living in energy poverty using modern methods of information technology
CPOTE2020-1088-A Experimental research and CFD analysis of selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxides in the original SCR system and WALKER’s replacement
CPOTE2020-1089-A A multifaceted analysis of intermediate co-pyrolysis of biomass with tetra pak waste
CPOTE2020-1092-A A two-stage processing of cherry pomace via hydrothermal treatment followed by biochar gasification
CPOTE2020-1093-A Optimisation of the shape of the Savonius wind turbine blades using Evolutionary Algorithm and Bezier functions
CPOTE2020-1095-A Thermodynamic analysis of power plants aimed at reducing CO2 emissions
CPOTE2020-1096-A Exergy-based assessment and multi-objective optimization of a Solid Waste treatment system including recycling routes
CPOTE2020-1100-A Influence of additives in silica gel on water vapor kinetics sorption
CPOTE2020-1103-A Analysis of chemical reactions leading to the high temperature agglomeration in biomass ashes
CPOTE2020-1104-A Exergy-based comparative analysis of solar technologies for implementation in Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC) systems
CPOTE2020-1108-A Developing exergy-based control strategies for heat exchanger networks
CPOTE2020-1109-A Influence of the wet torrefaction treatment on the organic fraction of municipal solid waste digestate
CPOTE2020-1113-A Expanders selection tool for small ORC systems
CPOTE2020-1114-A Exergy approach to assess the criticality and recyclability of materials in vehicles
CPOTE2020-1115-A Cost optimization of integrated absorption refrigeration and thermal desalination systems
CPOTE2020-1116-A Optimization of triple-pressure combined-cycle heat and power plants integrated with thermal desalination processes
CPOTE2020-1117-A Multi-generation system optimization — Integrated dual-purpose desalination and low-scale absorption refrigeration and heating systems
CPOTE2020-1118-A Energetic and exergetic assessment of a cogeneration system in an oil refinery – a case study
CPOTE2020-1121-A Molten carbonate fuel cell cathode with additives based on rare earth metals obtained from recycling of electronic scrap
CPOTE2020-1122-A Performance analysis of the first parabolic trough collector system for industrial process heating in Cyprus’ biggest soft drinks factory
CPOTE2020-1124-A The role of hydrogen in microwave plasma valorization of producer gas
CPOTE2020-1125-A Assessment and optimization of the performance and emissions of a spark Ignition engine using alternative biofuels as additives
CPOTE2020-1128-A Modeling electrochemical reaction in solid oxide fuel cell's anode with an artificial neural network-supported numerical simulation
CPOTE2020-1135-A Multi-objective optimization of hydrogen and electricity cogeneration using solid oxide fuel cells and biogas
CPOTE2020-1136-A Thermodynamic analysis of a FPSO power plant aiming at reducing CO2 emissions
CPOTE2020-1138-A Prediction of electrochemical characteristics of practical-size solid oxide fuel cells based on database of unit cell performance
CPOTE2020-1139-A Characterizations of spray and combustion of methanol: Effect of Water Content
CPOTE2020-1142-A Thermodynamic analysis of a compressed-air energy storage based on a gas turbine set coupled with a turboexpander in a hierarchical gas-gas system
CPOTE2020-1144-A The co-combustion of torrefied municipal solid waste and coal in bubbling fluidized bed combustor under atmospheric and elevated pressure
CPOTE2020-1145-A The influence of electricity consumption in automatic solid fuels-fired boilers on the seasonal space heating energy efficiency
CPOTE2020-1150-A A concept of zero-dimensional and three-dimensional thermodynamic modelling of steam storage in a steam cycle
CPOTE2020-1151-A A novel concept of negative CO2 emission power plant for utilization of sewage sludge
CPOTE2020-1153-A Analysis of electricity generation variability in 2019 with special consideration of electrical energy generation from wind sources
CPOTE2020-1155-A Photovoltaic and unitized regenerative fuel cell plant fed with biogas from food waste in a commercial building
CPOTE2020-1164-A Asymmetric behavior of solid oxide cells between fuel cell and electrolyzer operations
CPOTE2020-1166-A Assessment of energy demand and thermal comfort in a single-family building in different climate conditions
CPOTE2020-1167-A Computational fluid dynamics models of Wells turbines for oscillating water column systems
CPOTE2020-1172-A Parametric optimisation of fuel cell/battery range extender integrated in a trolleybus powertrain
CPOTE2020-1173-A High-temperature corrosion of boiler steel under ash deposits and aggresive gas atmosphere
CPOTE2020-1174-A Fly ash composition and properties from co-firing refuse-derived fuel (RDF) and hard coal in a multifuel unit
CPOTE2020-1176-A Techno-economic evaluation of Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) operation flexibility improvement through Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage (ACAES) integration
CPOTE2020-1178-A Theory and experience of the recycle processes in chemical engineering: thermodynamic estimation of their applicability to the recycling of materials in circular economy
CPOTE2020-1179-A A review of heat transfer models for internal heat transfer in reciprocating machinery
CPOTE2020-1183-A Evaluation of some primary measures for reduction of NOx emission from lignite-fired steam generator
CPOTE2020-1184-A Exergy assessment of renewable electricity from sugarcane straw for improved energy integration of sugarcane biorefineries
CPOTE2020-1186-A A new construction of shell-and-tube heat exchanger with impinging jets and minichannels technologies for heat recovery from gases – experimental analysis
CPOTE2020-1187-A Comparison of chosen gasification systems for solid fuels and biomass in terms of obtaining hydrogen for small application
CPOTE2020-1188-A Exergy-based assessment of shaft kiln efficiency
CPOTE2020-1189-A Measurement of thermal radiation of non-isothermal sky using infrared camera
CPOTE2020-1191-A Biomass and wastes upgrading: An exergy approach to the decarbonisation of electricity generation, fuels and chemicals production routes
CPOTE2020-1192-A Fluid Structure Interaction analysis of the performance of H-rotor wind turbine at different operating conditions
CPOTE2020-1193-A Advanced exergy analysis of heat pumps with different eco-friendly working fluids
CPOTE2020-1194-A The role of energy recovery from waste in the circular economy perspective
CPOTE2020-1196-A CO2 capture and storage performance optimization using meta-models and response surface methodology
CPOTE2020-1197-A Development of the multifluid approach for modelling of heat and mass transfer in a tissue
CPOTE2020-1199-A CFD based analysis of indoor environment and energy consumption in office room with personalized ventilation
CPOTE2020-1200-A Methods of increasing the efficiency of production and purification installation of "renewable" methanol
CPOTE2020-1202-A The exergetic analysis and optimization of very large-scale circular economy systems
CPOTE2020-1203-A Experimental studies on vibration of superheater pipes caused by a sonic soot blower system working in the 670MWth circulating fluidized bed boiler
CPOTE2020-1207-A A new, micro-scale electrostatic precipitators; design, research and field testing
CPOTE2020-1209-A An efficient cooling system for marine applications using low GWP refrigerants
CPOTE2020-1210-A Analysis a high efficiency supercritical CO2 power process integrated with Organic Rankine cycle
CPOTE2020-1211-A Inserting a storage system in multiple configurations to support wind generation
CPOTE2020-1212-A On design and analysis of flow characteristics of the last stage of gas-steam turbine
CPOTE2020-1222-A Numerical analysis of high temperature minichannels heat exchanger performance
CPOTE2020-1223-A Thermalhydraulics of once-through steam boiler tubes revisited
CPOTE2020-1224-A Improving the accuracy of electricity production forecasting in a supervision computer system of a selected gas-fired CHP plant operation
CPOTE2020-1227-A Analysis of different flow conditions in the cavities in the presence of acoustic waves
CPOTE2020-1229-A Economic design optimization of methanol synthesis loops with CO2 utilization
CPOTE2020-1231-A Power-to-pressure energy storage in natural gas transmission networks
CPOTE2020-1232-A Reduction of carbon footprint from spark ignition power facilities: the hybrid approach
CPOTE2020-1234-A Mathematical modeling of oxy-fuel combustion of municipal solid waste on the grate furnace integrated with CO2 capture
CPOTE2020-1235-A Numerical study of 8.5 MVA disk-type power transformer cooled by biodegradable esters using coupled CFD-CFD and CFD-EMAG modelling
CPOTE2020-1238-A Analysis of fuel cell - gas turbine hybrid cycles
CPOTE2020-1240-A Assessment of solar energy system as motive for green hydrogen production for local conditions
CPOTE2020-1241-A Thermal analysis of a low voltage winding of a power transformer working with natural ester and mineral oil
CPOTE2020-1243-A Concept of hybrid technology for mercury capture in exhaust gases
CPOTE2020-1244-A Exergoeconomic comparison and selection of a cost-effective technology to improve the energy efficiency of a sugar mill cogeneration system
CPOTE2020-1245-A Measurements of coal particle surface temperature distribution
CPOTE2020-1247-A Measurement and analysis of power losses in sintered cores for power electronic devices in renewable energy systems
CPOTE2020-1249-A Coupled electromagnetic and thermal models of the 315 kVA distribution transformer for mineral and biodegradable oils in different climate conditions
CPOTE2020-1250-A Influence of TiO2 blocking layer on the photovoltaic properties of dye-sensitized solar cells
CPOTE2020-1252-A Optimal design of power hubs for offshore petroleum platforms using a systematic framework
CPOTE2020-1254-A An analysis of carbon deposition during the reforming of heavy hydrocarbons using Gaussian process regression
CPOTE2020-1257-A Technical and economic assessment of ORC and cogeneration including a combined variant in fastener industry plant
CPOTE2020-1260-A Theoretical analysis of the heating and cooling circuit based on a heat pump in an electric vehicle
CPOTE2020-1261-A The effect of surface temperature distribution on net force acting on reacting particles
CPOTE2020-1264-A Exergy cost/benefit analysis of natural and engineered bifurcated structures
CPOTE2020-1266-A New capacity control technique for two-phase ejectors in transcritical CO2 condensing units: Preliminary experimental outcomes
CPOTE2020-1268-A Mathematical approaches to model the mass transfer process in solid oxide fuel cell anode
CPOTE2020-1271-A Bulding integrated dye sensitized solar cells with ceramic counter electrode
CPOTE2020-1272-A Structure and conductivity of the polyelectrolyte based on Poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) for dye sensitized solar cells
CPOTE2020-1273-A On coertia and inertia in aspects of Natanson’s nonlinear extended thermodynamics
CPOTE2020-1274-A A review of analytical descriptions of Ranque-Hilsch effect in the vortex tube
CPOTE2020-1275-A Optimisation of the lift based vertical axis wind turbine design
CPOTE2020-1276-A The sythesis of palladium/nickel nanocatalyst supported by ultrasounds for low-temperature carbon dioxide methanation
CPOTE2020-1277-A Thermodynamic effects of passive autocatalytic recombiners operation in a pressurized water reactor containment
CPOTE2020-1278-A Radioactive waste production in selected nuclear reactors of generation III, III+ and IV
CPOTE2020-1279-A Modeling dense granular flows using novel collision approach based on application of reduced order model
CPOTE2020-1280-A Aortic valve two-way fluid-structure interaction model coupled with the multiphase Euler-Euler approach
CPOTE2020-1281-A Thermo-ecological cost assessment of the carbon dioxide removal technologies
CPOTE2020-1282-A Beyond Thermo-Ecological Cost – the Thermo-Climatic Cost impact assessment method
CPOTE2020-1286-A Exergy analysis of microalgae biodiesel production integrated with a sugarcane ethanol plant
CPOTE2020-1288-A Advanced operational optimization of the district heating network
CPOTE2020-1289-A High temperature reactor in cooperation with a traditional coal boiler
CPOTE2020-1290-A From micro to macroscale: Multiscale aspects of solid oxide fuel cell stack simulations
CPOTE2020-1291-A Interconnect-free (banded) solid oxide fuel cell stack
CPOTE2020-1292-A Tailoring SOFC electrodes' microstructure using 3D representative volume element generation and evolutionary computing
CPOTE2020-1298-A Conventional and alternative sources of thermal energy in the production of cement – CO2 emission
CPOTE2020-1299-A Comparison of hydrogen production methods basing on thermo-ecological cost
CPOTE2020-1300-A Pro-ecological exergy tax
CPOTE2020-1301-A Exergy-based Methods: Review and Perspectives
CPOTE2020-1302-A Exergy-based methods as a promising evaluation tool for ‘The European Green Deal’ strategies
CPOTE2020-1303-A Renewable energy systems: Current status and prospects