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6th International Conference on
Contemporary Problems of Thermal Engineering
Online | 21-24 September 2020

Abstract CPOTE2020-1245-A

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Measurements of coal particle surface temperature distribution

Sławomir SŁADEK, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
Adam KLIMANEK, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
Ewa KARCHNIWY, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
Wojciech ADAMCZYK, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
Agnieszka KORUS, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
Andrzej SZLĘK, Silesian University of Technology, Poland

In the paper measurements results of surface particle temperature distribution are presented. Measurements have been conducted using horizontal, laminar drop furnace. Temperature detection methodology is based on the idea of two-color pyrometer. Two monochromatic cameras with resolution 2048x2048 px and frame rate 180 Hz have been used. Optical system equipped with high focal length lenses allows to record images with pixel size 13 µm. Two types of coal – hard coal and lignite have been analyzed. Fuel particles were almost monofractional with diameter around 100 µm. Measurements have been carried out in O2/N2 and O2/CO2 atmospheres in the range of oxygen concentration between 10 and 30%. It has been shown that for analyzed particles, surface temperature distribution is not aligned and temperature differs even more than hundred kelvins. Also standard deviation of the distribution changes with increasing of the mean temperature of the particle. Such variability of the temperature on particle surface probably results from different reactivity (due to the porosity and ash content). Variable reactivity leads also to differences in Stefan flow on the outer surface of particle. This phenomena can affect the momentum balance of particle leading to change of its trajectory during combustion process. Results of the presented measurements can be included in mathematical models of combusting particles tracking.

Keywords: Coal, Combustion, Temperature, Pyrometer, Particle
Acknowledgment: This work was supported by the National Science Center within the research programme OPUS 13, project „Investigation of the thermal conversion of nonspherical particles of solid fuel”, Contract No UMO-2017/25/B/ST8/00957.