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Book of abstracts

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Invited speakers and abstracts of keynote lectures

Abstract title
CPOTE2022-1001-A Stock and development scenarios of building heating technologies compared to political goals for the thermal energy demand of residential buildings in Bavaria till 2050
CPOTE2022-1003-A Energy and environmental costs associated to a metallurgy plant of tin and coltan
CPOTE2022-1004-A Energy and Exergy Analysis of Energy Storage Processes by Pump Hydro Storage and Hydrogen
CPOTE2022-1010-A Experimental investigation of porous anode degradation of a molten carbonate fuel cell fed with direct fermentation product composed of bioethanol
CPOTE2022-1011-A Estimation of hourly cooling load profiles of existing buildings combining data clustering and degree-days approach
CPOTE2022-1012-A ORC optimized design for offshore applications: an off-design conditions approach
CPOTE2022-1013-A Increasing energy cost and geological allocation in mining co-production: the case nickel, cobalt and PGMs
CPOTE2022-1014-A A proposition of a hybrid thermo-solar Rankine cycle in Brazil energy planning scenario
CPOTE2022-1015-A Car fleet electrification and its energy policies oriented by regionalities
CPOTE2022-1016-A Off-design operation of supercritical CO2 cycle
CPOTE2022-1018-A Thermodynamic analysis of the Allam cycle co-firing biomass and natural gas
CPOTE2022-1019-A Circular economy and hypothesis of full recycling. A 2nd lаw based estimation of limitations and obstacles
CPOTE2022-1020-A Carbon recycling: heavy residues gasification vs. combustion. A thermodynamic comparison of the environmental effects
CPOTE2022-1021-A Oat straw pyrolysis with ammonium chloride doping. A view on surface chars, kinetics and thermodynamics
CPOTE2022-1022-A Economic analysis of a liquid hydrogen regasification cogeneration system
CPOTE2022-1023-A Distillation of post-processing water derived from the hydrothermal carbonization process of sewage sludge
CPOTE2022-1024-A Hybrid heat storage in a district heating system
CPOTE2022-1025-A Application of surrogate modeling for LNG plant optimization
CPOTE2022-1026-A Hydrothermal co-carbonization of sewage sludge and fuel additives: Life Cycle Assessment
CPOTE2022-1027-A Experience of photo-catalytic and temperature-assisted air and flue gas purification from NOx using a pilot-scale photo-reactor
CPOTE2022-1028-A Model-based optimization of alkaline electrolysis systems for hydrogen production
CPOTE2022-1029-A Optimization of renewable energy-based seawater desalination systems
CPOTE2022-1031-A Numerical studies of fast pyrolysis with partial oxidation of lignocellulosic biomasses in a drop tube furnace
CPOTE2022-1032-A Low-temperature CO2 capture technologies, applications and potential
CPOTE2022-1033-A The combustion of torrefied biomass in a commercial-scale domestic boilers
CPOTE2022-1034-A Application of coal and biomass fly ashes as catalysts in pyrolysis of agriculture biomass
CPOTE2022-1035-A A new method to estimate the exergy replacement cost (ERC) of copper as biophysical indicator of mineral depletion
CPOTE2022-1037-A Comparative investigation of the sintering behavior of different biomass ashes
CPOTE2022-1038-A The impact of outdoor temperature on the ability of high thermal inertia walls to prevent overheating in buildings
CPOTE2022-1039-A Influence of HTC on thermal drying of sewage sludge digestate
CPOTE2022-1040-A Experimental study on summer thermal performance of PCM and traditional heavy weight building materials in residential buildings
CPOTE2022-1041-A Advanced exergy analysis of heat pump employing CO2/propane-based mixtures and recovering waste heat from data centre for district heating
CPOTE2022-1043-A Modelling of entrained flow steam gasification of sewage sludge
CPOTE2022-1044-A Densification of chemical energy in HTC effluent using cascade membrane separation
CPOTE2022-1045-A Temperature distribution in the pre-concept research HTGR – ANSYS Fluent and MELCOR analyses
CPOTE2022-1046-A Potential improvement of reversible chillers based on estimation of avoidable exergy destruction
CPOTE2022-1047-A Improved moisture removal using HTC treatment of the digestate from wet fraction of MSW
CPOTE2022-1048-A Thermochemical processing of waste materials towards production of new value-added products according to circular economy concept
CPOTE2022-1049-A Ultralight spatial heat transfer system for prismatic battery packs
CPOTE2022-1050-A Comparison and analysis between two different kind of heat exchangers in organic Rankine cycle under design and off-design condition
CPOTE2022-1051-A Comparison of traditional district heating and low temperature district heating systems featuring organic Rankine cycle and heat pump
CPOTE2022-1052-A Assessment, optimisation and working fluid comparison of organic Rankine cycle combined with negative CO2 gas power plant system
CPOTE2022-1053-A Performance of heat exchanger connections in heat distribution networks
CPOTE2022-1054-A Environmental and exergy performance of residual biomass for electricity generation
CPOTE2022-1055-A A discussion on mathematical models of steam reforming process for the needs of fuel cells
CPOTE2022-1056-A Thermal performance investigation of hot water storage tank integrated with different types of phase change materials
CPOTE2022-1057-A Thermodynamic analysis of an actual cycle of an ethylene reliquefaction plant by entropy-cycle method
CPOTE2022-1058-A Power and gas: a novel heat/cold recovery solution applied to the Świnoujście LNG regasification terminal
CPOTE2022-1059-A Thermodynamic Optimization of Carbon Capture and Storage for Power and Generation Hub Operating in Ultra-Deepwater: Comparison of Search-Based and Meta-Model Optimization Methods
CPOTE2022-1060-A Integration and Optimization of a CO2 Compression Unit with an Organic Rankine Cycle for Power Generation and Cooling Process
CPOTE2022-1061-A The quest for gamechangers - review of new trends and innovations in design of large scale energy systems
CPOTE2022-1062-A Simulation based techno-economic analysis of solar cooling system for university building
CPOTE2022-1063-A Technical, environmental and economic aspects of adapting the underground water supply infrastructure facility for museum purposes with energy supply from own wind turbine
CPOTE2022-1064-A Conventional and advanced exergy analysis for organic Rankine cycle
CPOTE2022-1066-A Thermochemical co-liquefaction of fruit pomace’s blends in a binary solvent system towards value-added bioproducts
CPOTE2022-1067-A Methods for probabilistic modeling of solar thermal combisystem
CPOTE2022-1068-A Theoretical and experimental investigations of hydrogen direct injection and combustion process in a constant volume chamber
CPOTE2022-1069-A Time-series clustering approach to reduce computational time in simulating off-grid energy system in oemof platform
CPOTE2022-1070-A Numerical analysis of CO2-Water separation in horizontal double T-junctions in negative emission gas power plant
CPOTE2022-1071-A Oxy-combustion of torrefied biomass with large steam concentrations
CPOTE2022-1072-A A critical parametrisation study of the membrane technology integration in an advanced coal-fired power plant
CPOTE2022-1073-A Innovative technological system for the production of domestic hot water for multi-family residential buildings
CPOTE2022-1074-A Toward a low-carbon municipal energy systems: buildings and HVAC systems energy simulation
CPOTE2022-1075-A Hydrogen energy storage integrated with small modular reactor and hydrogen power plant
CPOTE2022-1076-A Pyrolysis of hydrochars obtained from blackcurrant pomace in single and binary solvent systems
CPOTE2022-1077-A Periodic gas temperature measurement as an inverse heat transfer problem, utilization of the Particle Filter algorithm and mechanistic models
CPOTE2022-1078-A Production of biomethane and biomethanol using anaerobic digestion and high-temperature electrolysis
CPOTE2022-1079-A Combustion characteristics, emissions, and engine performance of ammonia-biodiesel dual fuel CI engine
CPOTE2022-1080-A Preliminary experimental investigation of the novel non-flammable R744/R1270 ejector-based refrigeration unit
CPOTE2022-1081-A Thermodynamic analysis of post-combustion carbon dioxide capture process in a pilot plant equipped with a heat integrated stripper
CPOTE2022-1082-A Exergoeconomic analysis of a semi-closed oxy-fuel combined cycle
CPOTE2022-1083-A Hydrothermal carbonization as part of the biorefinery of cheese whey
CPOTE2022-1084-A Experimental tests of the integration of thermoelectric generators (TEG) in a biomass boiler
CPOTE2022-1085-A Products characterization of COVID-19 face masks pyrolysis at optimum operating conditions adopted from simulation results
CPOTE2022-1086-A Exergy design and energy storage: an experimental heating system for supply-demand decoupling
CPOTE2022-1087-A Sustainable coverage of a residential building's energy and water demands
CPOTE2022-1088-A Thermodynamic analysis of integration of a negative emission power plant cycle with oxygen generation station
CPOTE2022-1089-A Single and double degradations in steam turbine identified by genetic algorithms
CPOTE2022-1090-A Retrofit of a combined heat and power plant by CO2 capture during the combustion of syngas from sewage sludge gasification versus zero-emission combustion of hydrogen produced using renewables
CPOTE2022-1091-A Thermodynamic analysis of a supercritical cogeneration system proposed for a sugarcane mill producing sugar and ethanol
CPOTE2022-1092-A Exergy analysis of heat exchanger networks with different working fluids and streams below the environmental temperature
CPOTE2022-1093-A multi-criteria optimization and risk analysis for incorporation renewable energy sources to the national power system
CPOTE2022-1094-A Safe Decarbonization in the Utilities Sector: Case Study of a Coal Plant in Brazil
CPOTE2022-1095-A Safe Decarbonization in the Utilities Sector: Case Study of a Coal Plant in Brazil
CPOTE2022-1096-A Energy analysis of the power to SNG system based on solid oxide electrolyzer and steam oxy biomass gasification
CPOTE2022-1097-A Numerical analysis of the relation between porosity of the support and functional layer, and the performance of solid oxide fuel cells using computational fluid dynamics
CPOTE2022-1098-A Off-design simulation of the gas turbine and water heat recovery boiler operation using thermodynamic model and correction factors
CPOTE2022-1099-A Hydrogen based zero-emission CHP integrated with renewable energy sources
CPOTE2022-1100-A Application of the CFD modelling to design of an experimental stand for investigation heat transfer in liquid metals
CPOTE2022-1101-A An Analysis on Entropy Balances in Multiple-layer Structure Consisting of a Human Body and a Residential Thermal Environment under Onset of Heat Stroke
CPOTE2022-1102-A A field measurement on the residential building realizing both radiant cooling and natural ventilation
CPOTE2022-1103-A Estimate analysis of plutonium impact on nuclear fuel cycles considering single and multiple reprocessing of the spent nuclear fuel
CPOTE2022-1104-A Simulations of station black out accident for a VVER 1000 nuclear reactor power unit
CPOTE2022-1105-A Fuel cell control strategy to minimize hydrogen consumption in a trolleybus powered by range extender
CPOTE2022-1106-A Technological solutions that improve concentrated Solar-Dish technology in Mediterranean area
CPOTE2022-1107-A Simulations of ammonia spray evaporation, cooling and mixture formation in a direct injection compression ignition engine
CPOTE2022-1108-A A systematic framework for the synthesis and optimization of offshore utility systems based on power hubs
CPOTE2022-1110-A Numerical analysis of solid oxide fuel cell based micro cogeneration units with various configurations for anodic gas recirculation
CPOTE2022-1111-A Direct injection of ammonia and biodiesel in a single cylinder compression ignition engine
CPOTE2022-1112-A Coupling small modular reactors with existing combined heat and power plants operating in high-efficiency cogeneration
CPOTE2022-1113-A Numerical investigation of the freeze-drying process in the domestic scale application
CPOTE2022-1114-A Features of providing thermal comfort conditions of at increase of the building energy efficiency of nursery school
CPOTE2022-1115-A Applying dynamic energy and exergy analysis to a building envelope
CPOTE2022-1116-A Heat absorption intensification methods in linear absorber - the experimental study in simulated solar conditions
CPOTE2022-1117-A CFD modeling of the multiphase flow with condensation in the two-phase ejector condenser
CPOTE2022-1118-A Modeling and Optimizing Skylight Geometry for Passive Cooling
CPOTE2022-1119-A Calculation of syngas production during gasification process of sewage sludge in fluidized bed reactor
CPOTE2022-1120-A Comparison of various flow maldistribution quantification methods in mini heat exchangers: a numerical study
CPOTE2022-1121-A Analysis of CO2 capture process from flue-gases in combined cycle gas turbine power plant using post-combustion capture technology
CPOTE2022-1122-A Metamodels for Economically optimized Closed Brayton Cycles
CPOTE2022-1123-A Conditions for use of long-wave infrared camera to measure the temperature of the sky
CPOTE2022-1124-A Effect of catalyst support in Ni-based catalysts on reaction characteristics of humidified methane-ammonia mixed gas
CPOTE2022-1125-A The results of computational analyses for development of the ejector condenser for the use in a negative CO2 emission gas power plant
CPOTE2022-1126-A Conceptual design of test rig facility for experimental research on thermo-flow processes during direct contact condensation of steam inside the jet flow-type condensers
CPOTE2022-1127-A Design of a passive solar house in Kuwait
CPOTE2022-1128-A Highway traffic powered wind turbines in Kuwait
CPOTE2022-1129-A Structural optimization of H-Rotor wind turbine blade combined based on one-way Fluid Structure Interaction approach
CPOTE2022-1130-A 3D optimisation of shape of the H-rotor blades by means of CFD and ROM approach
CPOTE2022-1131-A Integration of electrolysis into methanol production from biomass pyrolysis: trade-offs between carbon recovery and efficiency
CPOTE2022-1132-A Assessment of a potential of internal heat recuperation from industrial crops of sprouts
CPOTE2022-1133-A Possibility of using a photovoltaic system to secure the production of vegetable sprouts
CPOTE2022-1134-A New concept of energetic use of pyrolytic gas from waste in sustainable technologies of metallurgical industry
CPOTE2022-1135-A Rotor shape optimisation of novel Savonius type wind turbine with reduced order models and evolutionary algorithms
CPOTE2022-1136-A Exergy, Exergo-Economic and Exergo-Environmental (3-E) analysis of cold and electricity production by medium temperature heat from a geothermal site
CPOTE2022-1137-A Thermodynamic analysis of the blast furnace process under the conditions of top gas recirculation and high oxygen enrichment of the blast
CPOTE2022-1138-A A System for combustion of wet biomass with wet flue gas cleaning and deep recovery of latent heat of condensation
CPOTE2022-1139-A Integrated production of urea and nitric acid in the pulp industry: techno-economic and environmental analysis of black liquor gasification-based processes