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Car parks and electric vehicle charging stations in Wroclaw

Selected car parks

It is possible to park your car in the city (e.g. street parking); however, this is subject to charges. As outlined by the city municipal government in In short, the city is divided into three zones with different hourly rates, dependent on the distance from the city center. Zone A and B charge 3 PLN for the first hour and incrementally more for each additional. Zone C charges 2 PLN for the first hour, and the subsequent ones are subject to an analogous scheme.

In addition, several parking lots exist in the city center, close to the campus. Examples are:

Pasaz Grunwaldzki

Plac Grunwaldzki 22, 50-363 Wroclaw
First hour free, subsequent hours billed at 3 PLN per hour (in Polish only)

Budimex (Centenary Hall)

Wystawowa 1, 51-618 Wroclaw
6.5 PLN per hour, maximum fee 65 PLN per day

Wroclaw Zoo

Wroblewskiego 9, 50-001 Wroclaw
10 PLN per day for a passenger car (in Polish only)


Jana Ewangelisty Purkyniego 11, 50-155 Wroclaw
4.50 PLN per hour, 44 PLN per day

Nowy Targ

Plac Nowy Targ 29, 50-141 Wroclaw
5.50 PLN per hour, 69 PLN per day

Electric vehicle charging stations within 3 km of the campus:

Pasaz Grunwaldzki

Ports: Mennekes (Type 2)
Address plac Grunwaldzki 22, 50-363 Wroclaw, Poland

Hotel Tumski

Ports: Mennekes (Type 2), 2 Wall Outlet (EuroPlug)s
Custom Ports: 16A only
Address: wyspa Slodowa 10, 50-266 Wroclaw, Poland
Remarks: Part of a network - You need a card from the company to use the charger Up to 11kW on three phases (16A).

Art Hotel

Ports: Tesla Model S / Model X, Mennekes (Type 2)
Address: Kielbasnicza 20, Wroclaw, Poland
Remarks: Parking fee required

Narodowe Forum Muzyki / ENSTO

Ports: 8 Mennekes (Type 2)s, 4 Wall Outlet (EuroPlug)s
Address: Plac Wolnosci 1 50-071 Wroclaw Poland
Remarks: 4 PLN/h for parking and 20 PLN per charge. You can activate the charger with any RFID, but you have to pay 20 PLN at the office (same floor as the charging stations)
Underground carpark (parking podziemny) 2x 22kW Type 2, 2 Schuko, 2 CEE red 32A at the floor -2A

Hotel Scandic

Ports: Mennekes (Type 2), 2 Wall Outlet (EuroPlug)s
Address: Pilsudskiego 49/57, Wroclaw, Poland
Remarks: Parking 5 PLN/h, 65 PLN/day Charging is free
Mennekes (31A/400V) 2x EU plug (16A/230V) Galactico RFID needed, available at Hotel reception