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Mini-symposium Thermal and Cryogenic Energy Storage


The organizers of ECOS 2019 are pleased to invite to take part to the Mini-Symposium: Thermal and Cryogenic Energy Storage. The symposium aims to bring together academics and industry to review recent advances in the field of thermal energy storage, to present the latest research findings, discuss future research directions and development priorities, and build collaborations in this research area.


Authors willing to present a paper should submit an abstract in one of the following areas:

  • Thermal energy storage materials (sensible, latent, thermochemical materials),
  • Thermal energy storage units (modules, components, devices) and heat transfer enhancement
  • Cryogenic energy storage (e.g Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES), LAES-CAES, pumped thermal energy storage, etc)
  • Cold thermal energy storage for low temperature applications including air conditioning, refrigeration, cold chains, cryogenic processes
  • System integration, optimisation and techno-economic analysis of thermal energy storage for applications including, but not limited to, renewable energy integration, buildings, industrial processes
  • Novel concepts for thermal and cryogenic energy storage
Submitted abstracts
  1. Analysis of multi-mode operation of liquid air energy storage (LAES) plant - links between provision of grid balancing services and thermodynamic performance
  2. Techno-economic evaluation of a novel phase change materials based thermal buffering technology for improving energy efficiency of waste-to-energy plants
  3. Energy and exergy analysis of underwater compressed air energy storage system
  4. On the modelling of a lime carbonator operating in a concentrated solar power plant for energy storage
  5. Role of acoustic fields on the fluidized bed carbonation for TCES in CSP applications
  6. Exergy analysis of the integration of a concentrated solar power plant with a calcium looping for energy storage