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Special Session on Circular Economy

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The organizers of the ECOS 2019 conference are pleased to invite to a special session dedicated to the circular economy (CE). The transformation of the global economy from the linear to the circular model is currently one of the most important challenges of the modern world. The circular economy idea is present in every area of the economy, including the energy industry. Bearing in mind the above aspects, for the first time a special session concerning CE was introduced to the ECOS 2019 conference program, thanks to which it will be possible to exchange experiences, opinions and get acquainted with the latest scientific research on this subject.


The topics discussed during the circular economy session include:

  • Energy and resources in CE
  • Sustainable waste management in CE
  • Circular use of water and nutrients
  • Legislative process and implementation of CE
  • New business models and eco-design

The participation of lecturers mainly Ph.D. students presenting their works in a special session devoted to Circular Economy is financed from the funds of the project Improving the competences of Ph.D. students and academics in the field of Circular Economy carried out under the program PROM - International scholarship exchange of Ph.D. students and academics . The PROM program is aimed at improving the competences of Ph.D. students and academic staff and development academic research centers through international exchange. The PROM is implemented by the Silesian University of Technology in the academic year 2018/2019. The Project Manager of the PROM is Ph.D. D.Sc. Eng. Krzysztof Pikoń, professor of the Silesian University of Technology .

More information about the program is available at the website:

The program is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange and is implemented under the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development co-financed from the resources of the European Social Fund.